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Allow the BLACKConceptStore to make your home beautiful...

The beautiful offering throughout the Black Concept store has been hand selected by the very talented design team at Comber and Comber Interiors. The designers spent many months liaising with our vast range of suppliers, to ensure that the Concept Store has a multitude of furniture and homewares that will cater to each individual that enters our store.

When the Black Concept store first came into fruition, we drew a lot of inspiration from our struggle to find unique, beautiful and affordable pieces for the Comber and Comber home staging division. When styling a property, our designers focus on form, function and beauty. We believe that a space should not only be visually pleasing and inviting, but it should be a seamless blend between aesthetics and functionality. This focus has been filtered through into the selection for our store. A piece of furniture from Black Concept is the perfect combination of style and function, that will bring a sublime element of design into your everyday living.

When visiting our store, you will be greeted by a visual delight of material, texture, colour and design. Our meticulously planned offering ranges from dining suites, side tables and vases, through to carefully selected New Zealand made sofas. The range of furniture available at Black Concept goes beyond what you will see in store. Our talented and knowledgeable designers create bespoke furniture designs that cater to your exact needs. These unique pieces are flawlessly manufactured by a Christchurch based furniture craftsman, using locally sourced, high-quality materials.

Black Concept is more than a furniture store. We have created a one-stop design hub, so that each customer that visits us will have a customised experience. If you simply need assistance with selecting a furniture piece or some beautiful homewares, one of our showroom team will guide you through everything that we have on offer. Or if you’re needing in-depth interior design advice, the Designers from our Comber and Comber Interior Design division will arrange a consultation with you, which will take you through each step of the design process, creating a tailored package, specific to your needs.

We hope you like what you see!  

Designed with style. Crafted with quality

Our collection is carefully curated with quality and comfort in mind. We source from suppliers who provide long-lasting products that will complement your space. Create a seamless blend between aesthetics and functionality that you feel most comfortable in.

Black Concept is more than a furniture store; we have created a one-stop design hub that caters to each customers' own needs. We can offer in-depth interior design services, tailoring a package specific to each client.