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Becca Wonder Fragrance Balm

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Apply this zesty, uplifting blend of YLANG YLANG, BERGAMOT, GERANIUM, LIME, BASIL, MANDARIN, THYME, ROSE OTTO, JASMINE, ORANGE & PATCHOULI to your pulse points throughout the day.

Unlike synthetic perfumes, our Wonder Fragrance balm will not fill the room with scent, but is more intimate and charming. You are the one who will reap the benefits of this restorative citrusy blend of essential oil, not the room. 

Each balm is lovingly handmade by us, right here in New Zealand, with natural ingredients of Certified organic cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed jojoba oil, certified organic beeswax, shea butter and essentials oils, that are nourishing and gentle on your skin.